FALL2020- Rishabham Certification - Level II CARNATIC Music.

***Note: Carnatix is being offerred across the country and both theory and pratical examinations will be proctored via video conferencing platform. ***

*** PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR ACTUAL EXAM MAY vary depending on your Teacher's Schedule. Please check with your teacher.  *****

Students at this level are expected to know all topics in Level I in addition to the following topics.

Level II


  1. Written Symbols and Musical notes
  2. Janaka & Janya Raagas
  3. Raga Lakshanas of the above Kritis
  4. 7 Tala System
  5. General Knowledge about musical instruments
  6. Brief meaning of the compositions selected in Practical
  7. Basic Knowledge of the compositions selected in Practical (Raga, Tala, Composer, Meaning)



  1. Geetham - 6
  2. Swarajathi - 3
  3. Varnam - 3
  4. Simple Kritis (Triniy)  - 5
  5. Other Kritis - 5
  6. Devotional / Bhajans - 6


Swaram and Sahityam for Geetham & Varnam in 2 Speeds

Swaram and Sahityam for Swarajathi.
Your Music Teacher will host this exam with CARNATIX Team help.

Location Virtual
Event Date 2021-01-31 (GMT based time)
Registration Start Date 2020-11-11 (GMT based time)
Registration End Date 2021-01-17 (GMT based time)
Late Registration End Date 2021-01-24 (Late Registration Fee $10.00 per student)
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