Value The World Series - Season 01


Appreciate the frontline workers who are keeping us safe.

VTW SEASON 01 SERIES To take part


1. You must be advanced level student / performer in Dance or Music


2. Register here.


3. Make a donation at


4. Send Donation receipt and sample past performance link to

Location Virtual
Event Date 2021-05-31 (GMT based time)
Registration Start Date 2020-09-09 (GMT based time)
Registration End Date 2021-05-17 (GMT based time)
Late Registration End Date 2021-05-24 (Late Registration Fee $0.00 per student)
Note: All times for registration are GMT based. Depending on your local time zone, your registration may be treated as late even if it is before the end date.

Individual Price (per seat) $0.00
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