212 Programs - FINANCE 101 - LEVEL 1
Money Matters!: Financial Literacy Is Changing Communities for the Better

Financial literacy is the ability to understand and properly apply financial management skills. Effective financial planning, properly managing debt, accurately calculating interest, and understanding the time value of money are characteristics of being financially literate. Financial literacy is the possession of skills that allows people to make smart decisions with their money. 

To help you decide whether you should include yourself among the financially literate, think through the following questions and give yourself some honest answers.


  • Do you know how to create a monthly budget that includes all of your basic expenses, your bills, any debts, and your sinking funds for future purchases?

  • Are you currently debt-free? Or are you taking active steps to reduce your debts?

  • Do you know about how much money you spend to cover living expenses over a period of three to six months?

  • Do you have an emergency fund in place that would allow you to get through a sudden large life event like a layoff or a totaled vehicle without having to borrow money?

  • Do you have an understanding of how compound interest allows invested money to grow over time?

  • Do you know the various kinds of insurance that are needed to protect your finances and investments?

  • Do you understand the difference between an investment and insurance?


STEPS TO BUILDING YOUR FINANCIAL POWERHOUSE (Building from Ground Up). The entire program is divided in 7 steps as building blocks. 


"F"  - Level 7 - Financial Portfolio Building. 


"I" - Level 6  - Investing Safely. 


"N" - Level 5  - Noteworthy Cash flow. 


"A" - Level 4  - Appreciabe debts (Good Debts).  


"N" - Level 3 - Net - Protection - Safety Net. 


"C" - Level 2 -  Cash Reserve. 


"E" - Level 1 - Existence / Basics. This is the first level - FINANCE 101 Course.  (Registration is now on for this level and classes are held in 12 week cycles in multiple batches. Flexible hours both with weekday and weekend options. All classes are held online via video conferencing with live instructions.)

Location Virtual
Event Date 2020-12-31 (GMT based time)
Registration Start Date 2020-09-03 (GMT based time)
Registration End Date 2020-12-31 (GMT based time)
Late Registration End Date 2020-12-31 (Late Registration Fee $10.00 per student)
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