AP TRACK MATHSTER CLASS This series is meant for Advanced students who have qualified through the Certification Examination and earned certain milestone Mathster points. This course is to gear them up from early on with competitive math problems and alogn with curriculum math problems. 



MATHSTER CLASSTM is Ed Gurukul’s flagship course that had been designed to challenge students to think and understand the concepts better so that they are ready to solve any problems given in school or in any competitive tests. We update the course content as needed.

Class: AP TRACK MATHSTER CLASS Classes are very well structured with classes covering advanced Math topics.


Like all our courses and programs, AP TRACK - MATHSTER CLASS TM has 7 Levels that one can learn trough and progress. At each Level there are 4 steps and students can graduate from one level to next level by completing all the lessons and assignments at each level and gain mastery of the subject.


AP TRACK MATHSTER CLASS  – Math for Gifted and Advanced Students



GF - Gifted  Level – Steps G1 to G4

WZ - Whiz  Level –  Steps W1 to W4

AT - Astute Level –Steps A1 to A4

FT - Forte` Level – Steps F1 to F4

XE - XeEd Level – Steps X1 to X4

EL - Excel Level – Steps E1 to E4

AC - Ace Level – Steps A1 to A4

Location Virtual
Event Date 2021-05-31 (GMT based time)
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Registration End Date 2021-05-17 (GMT based time)
Late Registration End Date 2021-05-24 (Late Registration Fee $10.00 per student)
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Individual Price (per seat) $199.00
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