SPR2020-Grade Specific Math Mockup Test

This Mock up Test is to evaluate students in the grade level math that they are interested to assess their skills. Test will cover topics required at the Grade Level Math (On level, Honors Level or AP Level).


The test can be taken on site or online and can be scheduled to be taken at various test dates. Please mention your preference at the time of registering You can send an e-mail to tournametrix@gmail.com or send a text to 747-777-6270. 

Location None
Event Date 2020-05-31 (GMT based time)
Registration Start Date 2020-02-12 (GMT based time)
Registration End Date 2020-05-17 (GMT based time)
Late Registration End Date 2020-05-24 (Late Registration Fee $5.00 per student)
Note: All times for registration are GMT based. Depending on your local time zone, your registration may be treated as late even if it is before the end date.

Registration is not yet open or is closed. Please do walk-in registration on site
Individual Price (per seat) $49.00
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