212 Program - Financial Management - Level 1

Financial Management - Level 1 Course 


The Ultimate Financial Business in a Box.

212 Program's mission is to create small business owners through its tools and training.  We are committed to creating financially independent enterpraneurs 

Our model is helping clients become financially successful. We help create indiviuals to fullfill their dreams and in turn, they can form teams, coach them and help them to achieve the same. 

While we teach the clients about finance, we also expose them to various products available in the market with proven track records so that clients of the course or their own clients can make a meaningful decision by doing their own due dilience. We are not creating financial advisors. We create financially savvy individals and teams who can make their own financial decisions intelligently. 

A Course to Understand investment and insurance products.

Course Duration: 2 weeks. 10Hours. Registration is ongoing and classes will be scheduled once registration is received. 


•Understanding of basics of how investment works and kinds of investments
•Understanding of Insurance products and benefits and limitations of each
•Preparation for Certification Examination of  212Program Level1 Finance
•Preparation for Certification Examination of 212 Program Level 1 Insurance
•Access to web portal of third party company to get hands-on understanding and access to tools. 
•Students can optionally register for state insurance exam and complete to get certification. 

Location None
Event Date 2020-03-15 (GMT based time)
Registration Start Date 2020-01-01 (GMT based time)
Registration End Date 2020-03-07 (GMT based time)
Late Registration End Date 2020-03-14 (Late Registration Fee $10.00 per student)
Note: All times for registration are GMT based. Depending on your local time zone, your registration may be treated as late even if it is before the end date.

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Individual Price (per seat) $299.00
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