2017-December Decathlon Math Contest

The December Decathlon Math Contest is a popular math contest to end the year testing once math skills. This Math contest is to test "the focus and concerntration" of students and develops test taking strategies and a good practice for students to longer tests. This test will be conducted in three levels.

Level I  - Grades 1 and 2.

Level II - Grades 3-5.

Level III - Grades 6-8.

First two prizes will be trophies and third prize will be a medal and all awards will be given at annual award ceremony during May 2016.

This test is for 90 minutes a good duration to test once focus and a great way to assess the actual competitive test taking skills.

Tournametrix will assign test center after you register and if there are no centers nearby, online testing facility will be assigned to students. 

Location Dallas, TX
Event Date 2017-12-09 (GMT based time)
Registration Start Date 2017-11-10 (GMT based time)
Registration End Date 2017-12-02 (GMT based time)
Late Registration End Date 2017-12-05 (Late Registration Fee $5.00 per student)
Note: All times for registration are GMT based. Depending on your local time zone, your registration may be treated as late even if it is before the end date.

Registration is not yet open or is closed. Please do walk-in registration on site
Individual Price (per seat) $25.00
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