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2020-FALL CARNATIX Certification - Administration 10

Carnatix - Certification Examination - FALL 2020 - Administration 10.


**Note: Carnatix is being offerred across the country and both theory and practical examination will be proctored via video coferencing platform where centers are not available. ***


** Please check with your teacher for the exam date at your center. If you are a private student, please send an e-mail to carnatix7@gmail.com to schedule online examination via our secured site. The event date referred in the registration is NOT the actual test date. That is the date by which we need the papers back to our head office for grading. *********




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Dallas, TX
STEP - Standardized Test for Evaluation and Placement

This is a series of Assessment Examination to test the areas of strengths and weaknesses of students.

These are modeled after actual standardized tests. This is not the actual test. However the comprehensive report after the test will clearly indicate areas of strengths and areas to improve so that one can work on those and improve the score in actual tests.

These tests can be taken anytime of the year though a specific test date is mentioned. When you register, please mention in the comments section a deisred test date. Allow 1 week to get the test ready and another week after the test, for the report to be sent to you.

2021-STEP - Standard Testing, Evaluation and Placement.

This Mock up Test is to evaluate students in the grade level math that they are interested to assess their skills. Test will cover topics required at the Grade Level Math (ON TRACK, AP TRACK)

The test can be taken on site or online and can be scheduled to be taken at various test dates. Please mention your preference at the time of registering You can send an e-mail to tournametrix@gmail.com or send a text to 747-777-6270. 

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